Wrexham’s retail sector set to flourish

February 24, 2018 by  

Optimism about the economic prospects of Wrexham’s town centre is on the up.

There has been recent interest in an empty retail unit in the middle of Wrexham. The building is situated in the proximity of New Look. Bolton Birch is attempting to rent the property at an annual rent in excess of £27,000. Bolton Birch has confirmed that an offer has been made.

There are other vacant lots in the vicinity of the unit and local business leaders are hopeful about the future. Stationery printers in Wrexham may get more business going forward if there is a revival in the retail sector.

Legat Owen, a property business, has already revealed that two retail units within Regent Street are under offer. The chair at Wrexham Town Centre Forum, Alex Jones, has commented on the overall situation to the Leader:

“Let’s hope that what goes in the units is a quality retail offering, because what we need to do is encourage people to come and spend a day here, not just to use the town centre as a convenience to come in and out.”

The statistics on footfall in relation to the centre of Wrexham have given entrepreneurs a welcome confidence boost. The December figures in 2017 showed a marked improvement on the year before, while the numbers this January were also well received.