Wrexham’s enterprise hub takes on more staff

April 27, 2018 by  

Wrexham Enterprise Hub is hiring three more employees to help its growth.

Community manager Carl Turner is now part of the team at Wrexham’s hub. In addition, community assistants Victoria Williams and Pete Rogers are going to play their part going forward. Business card printing in Wrexham may get a boost from local entrepreneurs. Town Square Spaces for Business Wales is involved in delivering the initiative.

Gareth Jones, the founder of this organisation, explained the rationale behind the recruitment effort:

“In Carl, we have someone with the skills, experience and most importantly, the attitude to engage and invigorate the huge potential Wrexham has for start-ups and small business. Similarly, in Pete and Victoria, we have some incredibly able team members who will do all they can to make the Hub as open and supportive as possible.”

Turner has the knowledge to get the coffee supply sorted. He is now looking to provide a diversity of events to hub members. He recognises how these occasions must be fresh enough to engage people. Turner has worked in the role of community manager for a bank. This valuable experience should have given him insight into what will be required.

Rogers is a film producer and a poet. His creativity should be an asset to the venture. Williams has valuable experience from finance. Her administrative flair will be important to the sustainability of the hub.