Wrexham year of culture could gain recognition using brochure printing

February 6, 2011 by  

Wrexham County Borough Council recently officially launched their 2011 Wrexham year of culture programme, which looks set to give the region a huge boost in terms of the amount of activities and events on offer to local residents and tourists. The event kicked off in style on 25th January with a Light Fantastic parade, which involved residents walking through the town showcasing lanterns and culminated in a performance from the Fron Male Voice Choir. This event was just a first in a year-long series of cultural goings on that the town is looking to promote using poster or brochure printers in Wrexham. By producing marketing literature to support the event, Wrexham County Borough Council will increase the number of people who they spread their message too, which in turn makes their marketing spend better justified.

Companies and organisations looking to promote their events can benefit from using local brochure printers. Wrexham County Borough Council has a year of events to promote and a programme or brochure would work well as a medium by which to convey a large amount of information in a cost-effective manner. The brochures could then be retained by local residents and referred to through the year to ensure that all events are well-attended. There are a number of spectacular events being held throughout the year and it would make sense to use a local printing company in Wrexham to promote these. One of the key events is a street party to celebrate the royal wedding in April – the council will need to ensure residents are given lots of time to prepare for this and a brochure could be the ideal way to do this.