Wrexham science and technology festival

March 9, 2010 by  

There is a good concentration of businesses in and around Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham. Many of these businesses are involved with new technologies. For example, Print company in printing companies in Wrexham printing services printing companies in Wrexham that use the latest digital machinery to print brochures, catalogues and stationery. There is a local event coming up which may be of interest to businesses such as this.

The Wrexham Science Festival, which was first introduced in 2007, will take place this year from Thursday July 1st to Saturday July 10th. It is described as the only one of its kind in North Wales. The highlight of the festival, ‘Scientific: the hands-on science extravaganza’ will take place on Saturday July 3rd. The event is designed to appeal to all ages and interests and the organisers say there will be events suitable for children right through to events designed to support businesses.

This year’s festival will be based on four themes, the Human Mind and Body, Earth and the Universe, The Animal World and Bright Sparks. Throughout the festival there will be talks on science and technology, demonstrations, films and exhibitions. Also, the science themed competition, which is one of the most popular events, will take place again this year.

The festival promises to be an interesting, informative and entertaining event. If you live in or around Wrexham, or if you are in business in the area and have not been to the event before, why not come along this year. The event may inspire you to come up with some new ideas for your own company.