Wrexham retail price promotions

May 9, 2010 by  

Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham retailers geared up for battle over the recent May Bank holiday weekend with a series of price promotions and events running at many major retailers, taking advantage of the spare time that consumers had to shop over the extra long and sometimes rainy weekend.

During recent difficult times, retailers need to take advantage of key sales periods, such as Bank holiday weekends, to try and entice shoppers into their store. Large retailers such as B&Q, Boots, Superdrug and House of Fraser, the department store chain, all launched national press campaigns over a short period of time to attract shoppers with price promotions offering them a percentage off goods, discounts or additional loyalty points in the case of Boots. The supermarkets were also eyeing up their rivals and their customers to try and entice them in with specific bank holiday promotions across all products, ranging from food to clothing.

Though press advertising may bring awareness and drive the customers to the store, retailers need to be mindful of the power of point of sale advertising at attracting customers to impulse purchases and highlight any specific in-store offers. Point of sale displays can sign post goods to customers and catch consumers at that final moment before they are about to make a purchase decision. If your retail outlet is looking for Print company in POS printing in Wrexham printing services POS printing in Wrexham, there are local Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies who will be able to advise on the range of point of sale displays available to you, whatever space you have to work with.