Wrexham leisure centre is reprieved

December 27, 2016 by  

Plas Madoc, a leisure centre in Wrexham, will keep going after an intervention by the council.

Plas Madoc is located in Acrefair and was rescued from demolition two years ago. The future of the centre was threatened again, but the council has stepped in with a grant of £50,000. The injection of resources means that leaflets from Wrexham can be used to showcase what Plas Madoc has to offer going forward.

Splash Magic Trust (SMT) is responsible for the management of the hub. Darrell Wright, the chair of SMT, said:

“I think that public pressure and a look at some of the answers we had given to the points raised swayed their judgement and gave us a positive result. It’s given us the confidence to move forward with plans we have in mind and to establish a rosier future for the centre.”

Before the recent announcement, volunteers had worked to overhaul what the centre has to offer visitors. Originally, SMT hoped that the council would come up with a rescue package of £100,000. However, the grant which has been allocated could mean that further funding from the administration in Cardiff is forthcoming. This conditional pledge might be worth an extra £500,000.

The charitable trust has declared that the development of the building will benefit from the resources in question. Footfall at Plas Madoc has been boosted during the course of 2016.