Wrexham hospice launches new campaign

January 25, 2017 by  

Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham’s Nightingale House Hospice (NHH) is campaigning with help from a survivor of cancer.

The NHH drive has been designed to show that fashion should be accessible to all. The campaign will be using the face of Meredith Isherwood who has been affected by thyroid cancer. Isherwood has also become a finalist in a Miss Wales competition. Print company in Poster printing in Wrexham printing services Poster printing in Wrexham could be needed as part of the campaign.

Isherwood told the Daily Post North Wales:

“It’s only just been announced but they’re going to be setting up a photo shoot soon. We’re going to be putting up photos on social media each day in an outfit from a charity shop.”

Meredith explained that the campaign will focus on the needs of ordinary women. Six other faces will be involved in spreading the message that charity shops can deliver the goods when it comes to attractive clothing.

Isherwood graduated with a degree in archaeology after studying at the University of Kent and she is now employed by a jewellery outlet.

When Isherwood was in recovery from her illness she entered the Miss Wales competition. She is poised to represent Flintshire at the final in April this year. The event will be held in Newport and Print company in Cardiff printing services Cardiff. According to Isherwood, disadvantaged children should benefit from a charity connected with the contest.