Wrexham Football Club addresses ownership issue with flyer printing

May 7, 2011 by  

Wrexham Football club Supporters’ Trust recently urged fans to put the club into community ownership using communications produced via flyer printing.

Wrexham Supporters’ Trust used the leaflets that they had produced at the last game against Tamworth to raise awareness of their campaign to raise £1m to buy the financially troubled club, in conjunction with fans and other interested investors.

The club recently had a temporary relief from its financial difficulties as private loans to the tune of £200,000 have bailed them out of trouble with an unpaid tax bill. A large chunk of the loan – £50,000 – has been provided by a former MP, Dr AM John Marek. Dr. Marek said:

“I’m providing a loan and several other people are doing the same.”

Even though this loan has buoyed the club somewhat, more investment is needed and this is the reason why the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust turned to the use of flyer printing. Wrexham fans were targeted with these leaflets at the recent home game. The leaflets covered a number of issues but focused on the need for support. Members of several political parties have expressed their desire to keep Wrexham FC afloat as the Racecourse stadium is a good asset to the town.

It is hoped that through high-profile public backing of the campaign, coupled with the flyer printing, Wrexham Football Club will overcome the current financial hardship that they face and will continue to be a club that the people of Wrexham can be proud of.