Wrexham food bank in need of funding

August 25, 2017 by  

Wrexham’s Trussell Trust foodbank, which makes deliveries to satellite food banks up and down the county, has delivered an impressive 503 parcels in its first quarter to people in need.

Workers saw a substantial increase in referrals last year, which resulted in 828 parcels being delivered from the beginning of May, all the way through until October. Numbers for this year, between May and July, show a further increase. It is uncertain at this point, however, to state that the number will be higher than the same period last year.

What is certain, however, is that funding is sorely needed for the food bank to continue. Its existence is reliant on the good nature of its donors, and those in the community who can afford to contribute.

Sally Ellinson, project manager, said:

“We desperately need money because if we can’t pay the rent, there is no foodbank. Funding would help us get heating for the warehouse as currently we don’t have any and the volunteers will be freezing during the winter.”

An organisation producing such positive results still needs to attract contributors, whether they are individuals or companies. Informing the public through the use of business cards and newsletter printing is an essential process that can help to ensure that more people are made aware of the work it does and how they can help.