Wrexham factory blaze destroys cereal bars

February 16, 2012 by  

A cereal company recently received a blow to its stock after a blaze destroyed a whole day’s worth of cereal bars that had been produced at the company’s Wrexham-based factory.

Fire-fighters were called to the blaze at the Kellogg’s factory, based in Bryn Lane, Wrexham, on 13th February at around 8:30am. The fire was limited to an oven and two square metres of insulation material in the part of the factory which produces Kellogg’s Elevenses Bars.

A spokesperson for Kellogg’s said:

“There was a very small fire in one of the ovens, which is in the part of the factory which produces the Elevenses cereal snack bars. The incident did not require any evacuation of personnel and no production was affected in any other part of the factory.”

Luckily, the blaze was small and production was able to return to normal the day after the fire. The fire was restricted to the factory and, as other operations for Kellogg’s are carried out at other sites, such as advertising, packaging design and POS printing, the Wrexham fire did not affect the wider Kellogg’s business.

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