Wrexham delivers at arts takeaway

September 28, 2017 by  

The Poetry Takeaway recently visited Wrexham’s town centre and the service was every bit as speedy as the fast food chains located on nearby Regent Street.

Although junk food wasn’t an option, there was no shortage of literary delights as poems were served up to locals by a travelling group of poets, which includes Wrexham’s own Natasha Borton.

The poets wrote personalised poems for shoppers in the town centre at no cost within the same amount of time that it takes to order fast food.

The venture falls under ‘Voices Nationwide’, a project led by Roundhouse, an arts hub in London, along with the Nationwide Building Society. The project delivers poetry events up and down the UK in a bid to entice local residents to offer opinions and stories though spoken word.

Jeremiah, better known as Sugar J Poet, was helping out at the Wrexham event. He commented:

“The interest in poetry is growing and people are seeing it more than just as an art form that isn’t dead, but a vibrant thing. It was seen as the ‘words of dead white men’, but that is different now which is cool.”

Projects such as this are a perfect opportunity to get other business on board. Initiatives such as this can turn to local print companies that can provide a range of services to help them thrive, from stationery printing to flyers and banners to promote them.