The future of digital business cards in Wrexham

July 7, 2011 by  

A Korean innovation could help companies to boost their profile when it comes to exchanging Print company in business cards printing services business cards with potential clients, buyers or colleagues.

Business For Breakfast is an early-morning networking event held at venues throughout the UK, with several groups that meet in the Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham area. The groups are a place for local entrepreneurs to meet with like-minded people and to build their portfolio of contacts by networking and exchanging business cards. As businesses become more and more led by technology and become more future-focused, innovations are constantly being searched for when it comes to Print company in business card printing printing services business card printing.

The Wrexham branch of Business For Breakfast may choose to take a cue from a company in Korea who have started to produce futuristic business cards featuring QR codes – also known as Quick Response codes – that can be scanned using a mobile phone. The information on the card is then instantly downloaded onto the person’s phone, reducing the need to carry around and risk losing important contact details. Print company in Digital business cards in Wrexham printing services Digital business cards in Wrexham are very much in demand, and local Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies could easily print a pre-generated QR code onto a business card, bringing local businesses up to speed with the technologically savvy cards from Korea.

However, whether people choose to add a QR code to their business card or not is almost irrelevant, this move-on of the medium simply shows that business card Print company in printing printing services printing is very much a core part of any networking event and is here to stay; albeit with a few modern twists.