Protestors use banner printing to make their voices heard

August 12, 2011 by  

A group of protestors gathered at County Hall in Buckley, just outside Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham, to rally against the proposed closure of a specialist autism unit.

The Applied Behaviour Centre, which is part of Westwood Primary School, due to what the council have called ‘little demand’ from local parents. However, the parents of children who use the unit have made their disagreement clear in the latest action outside country hall. Bev Matthias, whose son regularly attends the unit, has been leading the campaign to keep it open.

Bev used her own money to fund the materials used in the protest, which included spending £200 on Print company in banner printing printing services banner printing. Wrexham and Flintshire councillors have not yet confirmed whether or not the unit will close or whether the protest had made any difference, with Councillor Arnold Woolley telling Bev that a decision had not yet been made with regards to whether or not the school would close.

Banner Print company in printing printing services printing is often used to convey strong messages at times of demonstration or protest, due to the eye-catching nature of them. They can help to keep protests peaceful and to communicate through words rather than action. The banners were also supported by a petition, signed by over 1,000 people in favour of keeping the unit open.

As of yet, Bev and her fellow demonstrators are still awaiting a decision. However, the campaign to keep the unit open has since been supported by a Professor Richard Hastings who is a professor of Psychology at Bangor University.