Poster printing provokes reaction

June 15, 2010 by  

The Advertising Standards Authority unveiled the advertisements that they received the most complaints about in 2009 with a printed poster campaign being at their number one spot.

The Advertising Standards Authority is an organisation, nearly fifty years old, which produces an annual report to highlight the work that both the ASA and CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) do together as a regulatory system for the advertising industry. In 2009, the Advertising Standards Authority had nearly a 10% increase in complaints, representing a total of 28,978, most of which were made through their online complaints form.

The poster that caused the most offence, and was the most complained about, ran on the side of buses with the strap line “There definitely is a God”. It was booked by The Christian Party to provoke a reaction and encourage people to join their party. It even ran a response mechanism on the poster, “Text AMEN to 60999”. The ASA received 1,204 complaints about the advertisement but it was not felt necessary to investigate this. Another company causing offence and complaints was the British Humanist Association’s poster response reaction to The Christian Party, with their strap line “There’s probably no God”.

Businesses in Wrexham are probably not looking to cause offence but certainly most businesses aim for a reaction and a response to their advertising campaign. Clearly posters with a clear creative message can generate both and, with companies offering poster printing in Wrexham, creating a poster campaign to drive awareness and provoke a direct response could not be simpler.