New edition of Wrexham Council magazine released

June 5, 2011 by  

The quarterly magazine for residents of Wrexham Borough County Council released its Spring 2011 issue last week as a downloadable brochure, but printed copies are still available on request.

Connect, the magazine produced four times each year by Wrexham Council, is available for residents to download or read online from the council’s website and is made accessible to all by offering a printed copy on request to those who would prefer to read it that way. This initiative not only saves on print costs but is also environmentally friendly.

It is encouraging to see that Wrexham Council have not turned their back entirely on print, however, as many people, especially those who are not comfortable using a computer, may still request a hard copy by contacting the Council via post, email or telephone. Brochure printers in Wrexham work with a variety of clients and often undertake bespoke jobs that require smaller print runs due to the fact that many organisations now produce catalogues, magazines and brochures both online and in print. Even when organisations primarily focus on digital brochures, many still like to be able to offer the option of a printed copy if requested by their customers.

Wrexham Council’s lasts edition of Connect Magazine features articles on Climate Change, the Wrexham year of culture and advice for first time homebuyers, amongst numerous other things. By offering both a digital and a physical way to receive their magazine, the Council will potentially reach a wider audience and will be seen to be more inclusive than those councils that only offer one or the other.

The next edition of the magazine is due out in Summer 2011.