International print exhibition showcases work of printing companies in Wrexham

March 9, 2011 by  

Wrexham council is working in conjunction with local colleges and galleries in the region to host an international printmaking exhibition. The exhibition, called Wrexham Print International 2011, will be held across two venues – The Memorial Gallery at Yale College in Wrexham and at the local arts centre, Oriel Wrexham from 25th March to 19th May 2011. The fact that the exhibition continues to take place in this area is testament to the fact that local printing companies in Wrexham are keen to support new developments and initiatives in the print industry and are at the forefront of their trade.

Wrexham Print International aims to showcase a variety of different printing methods and techniques that represent the very best in contemporary print work from around the world. This takes regular digital printing that Wrexham print companies offer and takes it to the next level, with artists using a variety of techniques to create works of art using print. The prints from the exhibition are available to buy from the galleries and Wrexham county council see this as a positive way to ensure that they support not only the local art scene but that they also acknowledge print as a creative medium. Many local printing companies in Wrexham offer a more commercial type of digital printing, but visitors to Wrexham for Wrexham Print International 2011 will be pleasantly surprised to find both commercial and artistic print works existing in harmony to promote their trade in the region via this exhibition.