Home Bargains and Aldi to open in Llangollen

September 29, 2016 by  

Two well-known budget stores are poised to start doing business in Llangollen.

Sainsbury’s intended to open a store within Llangollen, but it has been confirmed that the site is now likely to be occupied by Home Bargains and Aldi instead. A Print company in print company printing services print company from Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham could be used by the two stores to promote their presence in the region.

The discount retailers have been mentioned on an application for planning permission. The Welsh Assembly Member for Clwyd South, Ken Skates, said:

“I welcome the plans to bring Aldi and Home Bargains to Llangollen and the jobs that they would create for local people.”

Skates lives in Llangollen and is familiar the layout of the town. Sainsbury’s now hopes to sublet a building to Home Bargains and Aldi. Skates believes that this move will suit many of the residents of Llangollen, as there is a demand for new retail opportunities.

The idea is that the Aldi will be somewhat larger than the Home Bargains outlet. It is hoped that the two shops will not have a detrimental impact on high street trade, and there was also a concern about the building remaining unoccupied before the latest scheme was revealed.

Around 90 jobs could be created if the initiative gets the green light. This estimate is based on average figures taken from comparable developments elsewhere.