Financial firm opening in Wrexham

February 26, 2017 by  

A start-up, known as Chetwood Financial, is poised to create 90 jobs in Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham.

Chetwood Financial has selected a location in Wrexham Technology Park and intends to use office accommodation obtained by the devolved government for Wales. The offices were once the property of Moneypenny. When Chetwood Financial gets going, the demand for office stationery from Wrexham might receive a boost.

The chief executive for Chetwood Financial, Andy Mielczarek, stated:

“We’re really pleased to be basing our business in Wrexham, and it’s personally exciting for me to be setting up the business in my home town.”

Mielczarek expressed his gratitude to the devolved administration. This institution has delivered £750,000 to support Chetwood Financial already. The organisation has started the hiring process within the region. Furthermore, an effort has been made to establish links with Welsh universities to aid recruitment going forward.

Ken Skates, a member at the Welsh Assembly, has lent his support to the development. He holds the post of Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure inside the devolved government. He understands the potential of financial services and appreciates that North East Wales requires additional employment opportunities. Chetwood Financial can help provide skilled jobs which are well rewarded.

It was recently revealed that Wrexham should benefit from a fresh business incubator. The ambition is there to create over 250 jobs during the course of a two-year period.