Central Wrexham gets new transport solution

November 29, 2017 by  

Wrexham’s town centre should benefit from a renewal of its bus services.

Valentine’s Travel Solutions (VTS) is behind the fresh initiative. Two town links will be serviced by the operator going forward. Leaflet printers in Wrexham may be used for promotional purposes by organisations in the region. VTS is plugging a gap left by other operators that have cut down on their local bus routes.

Councillor David Bithell, who has some responsibility for transport at the local authority level, told the Leader:

“I’m very pleased we’ve managed to get this service operational in the run-up to Christmas, and can provide access to those communities who have been without local bus services for some time. I hope this service will support those residents who have contacted us, and support the local economy by bringing more people into Wrexham town centre.”

Councillor Bithell stressed that a big bus company has collapsed recently and this has limited access to Wrexham’s town centre. It has also made it more awkward for consumers to visit several retail outlets outside the centre of the town.

The town link services are going to be running six days per week. However, the first bus will start at half past nine in the morning. Adult fares have been set at £1.50, but specific passenger groups shall be permitted to use concessionary passes for their travel. One of the routes takes in Market Street, while the other will take passengers to Wrexham Technology Park.