Brands try to profit from England’s defeat

July 8, 2010 by  

Several brands looked to capitalise on the England football team’s disappointing defeat to Germany in the World Cup. The England team lost 4-1 to Germany with a second goal scored by Frank Lampard for England disallowed controversially, despite being clearly over the goal line.

Car brands such as Kia were quick with their press ads making Monday’s national newspapers following the Sunday defeat. No doubt predicting England’s performance, Kia ran an ad in The Times to promote their seven year warranty with the strap line “Oh well, at least our warranty beats the Germans”. Their UK marketing director, Simon Hetherington, was quick to point out that obviously they had hoped that England would win and so had prepared the strap line “Our warranty beats the Germans too” but having booked their media space in advance, they needed to be ready should the worse happen.

Aside from car brands, supermarket chain Asda also coincided their marketing for their optician’s service with England’s defeat by offering, via Twitter, a free test to anyone with a Uruguayan passport as the referee who disallowed Lampard’s goal was from Uruguay.

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