Art contest returns to Wrexham

March 28, 2017 by  

The Print company in Wrexham printing services Wrexham Open is returning to showcase art at a fresh venue in April.

The winner of the competition will take home £1,000 in prize money. Entries from different parts of the country are expected at the event. Promotional items from Wrexham could generate more interest in what is to be displayed. Both professional and amateur artists are free to participate.

The panel of judges is to be headed by Jonathan Powell. He will be joined by Rhian Haf and Thomas Goddard. These prominent Welsh artists will use the arts facility Undegun for the contest. Undegun is based in a former retail outlet in Wrexham.

The policy for entrants is that all artwork must be submitted online. However, contributors who are uncomfortable with digital entry will be able to attend support sessions. The overall process is intended to foster collaborative opportunities. There is recognition of the importance of networking for modern artists.

There are prizes for the runners up in the competition. Two artists will obtain £250 each for their efforts. It is expected that the standard of the artwork in the exhibition will be high.

Those pieces of art which are not quite good enough to get past the judges will be featured in a fringe show. The idea is that the same venue will accommodate both events. This approach may mean that the contest will generate a significant legacy.