Watford Rotary Club holds photography competition

January 24, 2017 by  

Watford Rotary Club (WRC) is hosting a photography contest for young people.

WRC will give £50 to each of the winners. Newsletter printing within Watford could be used in order to record the event. Furthermore, the Watford Observer has opted to provide sponsorship for the project. Entry forms can be sourced from the club’s website.

The idea is that all the photography should concentrate on the topic of reflection. Each participant is obliged to take three photographs. The efforts of the young people are to be judged in three separate age categories. Children between the ages of seven and 17 are eligible to enter the competition.

Individuals are free to engage in the process. However, youth organisations and educational communities could provide much of the input. Furthermore, Girl Guides and Scouts are expected to do their bit.

The competition process is complicated by the fact that it involves three stages. Only the initial stage is the responsibility of WRC. After the local heat has separated the winners from the rest, a district heat will then be held. Those who triumph in the district heats will proceed to a national final.

Everybody who takes part in the Watford heat will obtain a certificate. One of the winners will be given the special opportunity of spending a day with a professional photographer attached to the local newspaper.