Watford opens disability skills training facility

July 29, 2017 by  

Watford has officially welcomed a new centre to help disabled people develop skills.

The Learning POD (Place of Development) was opened by Watford Workshop to provide skills training in home hygiene and health, living skills, and safety awareness. The training is in addition to the workshop’s current education in life and work skills.

Established over half a century ago, the workshop’s goal is to equip disabled individuals with skills training, work experience, and ultimately, employment.

The workshop assists them to attain increased independence, mix in with the local community, and move into a job role. The workshop is Hertfordshire’s sole project of this kind.

The launch was brought about by support from numerous local organisations, such as Thrive Homes, the project’s main sponsor, Watford Borough Council, which provided premises that was once the home of a local youth group, and Murrill Construction.

Engagement business partner for Thrive Homes, Daryl Pereira, said:

“We are pleased to have supported Watford Workshop with around 500 hours of staff volunteering and grants of over £10,000 towards the Learning POD and its training project, providing staff and clients with valuable life experiences.”

Now the workshop is open, the organisation can focus on letting the public know what it does and what it can offer. It will be looking to work with local business, such as print shops and stationery printers, that can provide everything from premium business cards to poster printing.