Watford Museum to be transformed

April 26, 2017 by  

Watford Borough Council (WBC) is working to regenerate Watford Museum.

WBC is looking to enlist an architect to help with the transformation of the museum. Over £2 million could be invested in the development. The architect who secures the contract for the project might order presentation folders from Watford to showcase the project. The regeneration policy is called Making Connections. The brief for the project stated:

“The Making Connections project looks at improving all aspects of the museum and the services it provides. It will enable a transformation of the layout and displays, improve visitor access and enjoyment, better conserve and exhibit the collections and reduce energy costs.”

One aim of the scheme is that it will lead to greater community engagement with the museum. Another goal is to protect the collections in a satisfactory manner going forward. At the moment, closed circuit television is used to reduce the chance of theft. In addition, alarms have been fitted. Nonetheless, if the museum was not upgraded then its objects might suffer from a poor environment.

At present, the collection of the museum includes about 30,000 artefacts. Archaeology and local history are both covered.

The building became Watford Museum back in 1981. Before that, it had housed offices and a brewery. Originally constructed in 1775, Watford Museum was a mansion in the first instance.