Climbing centre in Watford gets green light

December 29, 2017 by  

A climbing centre within a Watford retail centre has gained approval.

Intu Watford’s old Clas Ohlsen shop shall be transformed by the development. The new climbing facility should occupy 10,500 square feet within the former store. The building has an area of approximately 12,000 square feet. Poster printing from Watford may be used to brighten up new amenities.

The space which is not required for the climbing hub will not be wasted. A retailer will step up to the place to ensure that the commercial potential of the building is realised.

Watford Borough Council has not given planning permission without any conditions. If work does not begin within the next three years, then the details of the project will have to be revisited.

The council has published documents which explain why the climbing centre seems like a positive idea. The business behind the initiative has an abundance of experience and is a chain which runs a variety of venues across the nation. The organisation is an inclusive one that seeks to cater for adults, young people and families.

The retail centre has lots of parking space available. If the climbing centre adds to the popularity of the centre then this could be essential. More than 2,800 parking spaces are currently provided at the site. If general demand does increase significantly then parking within the town centre is an alternative option.