Rules of catalogue design

When looking to design your company product catalogue, there are basic rules that you can follow to ensure that sales will follow.

Keeping the number of typefaces to a minimum will help keep text looking simple and legible, which is essential especially if you are including a lot of detail about a product. Of course, a bold type can be included to highlight a particular offer but simple text is the key.

The upper right hand corner of a page spread is where a consumer’s eye is drawn to first. Place your strongest product or unusual item here to encourage your customer to dwell on this and review the entire spread. Use the top right hand corner as a hook to get the customers interested in your feature.

Continue to include an order form. Whilst orders can be made via the internet or over the telephone, an order form sends out a message to prompt purchase and customers may like to fill in the order form, however they place the order, so as to organise their purchase before making a phone call.

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