Design tips for flyers or leaflets

Using flyers or leaflets to advertise your business and its services or promotions is a very cost effective way to get your message out there. Maybe you know a designer or a friend with a design background who can help you with the general layout, but most people will probably not know a designer or have the marketing budget to spare and so there are tips that you can use to help with the look of your leaflet or flyer.

Use simple and easy to read fonts. Times New Roman or Arial are easy to read, meaning that you can use language that will convey interest and excitement about your company that people can easily read and understand. Use photos with good resolution so that images are clear and look good quality, rather than cheap and distorted. If you are looking for flyer or Print company in leaflet printing in Cardiff printing services leaflet printing in Cardiff, Minuteman Press can help you with achieve good quality results for your marketing materials. Use a call to action, but try to keep to one simple instruction that you would like your potential consumers to respond to.

Finally, make sure that your company name is at the bottom – people will best remember the final few words and you want your company name to be imprinted on their memory.

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