Musical tributes set to wow the crowds at Eel Pie Island

August 31, 2013 by  

A revival is set to hit Eel Pie Island in Twickenham as part of a revival of the region’s legendary 1960s club scene.

The Eel Pie Club is located near Richmond and was once a hot-bed for the latest musical talent back in the swinging sixties. Bands like The Birds, The Strawbs and Downliners Sect have played at the club in the past, attracting music aficionados from across the south of England. Members of these bands are reforming to create a supergroup that will play at the revival club night in September.

The times may have moved on since then and the club no longer draws in many famous bands, but musical talent in the area is still strong and there is a real appetite for keeping the local music scene going. Kieran Daly, a 17-year old musician, will play at the revival concert alongside veterans of the scene.

Speaking on behalf of the Eel Pie Club, Gina Way said:

“Twickenham is blessed with a wealth of young musicians, most of whom must have been influenced in some way by the musicians who played on Eel Pie Island in the 1960s.”

Clubs like the Eel Pie Club have worked with local printing companies in Twickenham and Richmond in the past to produce promotional material using poster or flyer printing.

Twickenham music lovers have always responded well to this kind of marketing material and the well-attended concerts at Eel Pie Island are testament to this.

The concert takes place on September 5 and tickets are available directly from the club.