Local Twickenham chocolatier teaches Mary Berry a thing or two

March 29, 2014 by  

Chocolatier Flo Broughton, from Twickenham, gave some tips to none other than Mary Berry recently when the famous baking queen wanted to know how to make chocolate. Broughton founded Choconchoc along with her dad 11 years ago, with the company’s speciality being sculptural chocolates of high quality.

Berry called into the factory as part of a new TV show that aired on BBC2 this March. Broughton set up the chocolate business in Bath, before making the move to Twickenham. The business offers over 200 different types of chocolate, all of which are handmade by more than 30 employees.

One thing that sets the chocolate company apart from others is that they make all the moulds themselves. Broughton said that she had been keen to show Mary Berry just what they could do with chocolate.

Along with making some of the best chocolate, it seems that at least one of the employees has a skill for making cakes. Employees said that they were going to bake a cake for Berry’s visit, and one of them did.

Berry is behind the Great British Bake Off programme on TV, and the employees are fans and claim to hold their own bake offs.

When businesses near Twickenham get a spot on television, it’s often the case that their brand awareness increases significantly, and they can push publicity further by outsourcing for the services of one of the local print companies.