Tunbridge Wells town manager shares optimism

January 28, 2018 by  

The manager of Tunbridge Wells town centre believes a revival is around the corner.

Karen Pengelly manages the central district of Tunbridge Wells. Although a few stores have closed, Pengelly thinks that the closure of the likes of Gandys and Strada will not have a huge impact on the future of the town. Print shops within Tunbridge Wells may be used for promotional purposes.

Pengelly told Kent Live:

“Businesses have always closed but that’s an organic process, the pet shop on Camden Road closed because the lady retired. It’s not all bad news though, Fromage and French traded 30 per cent up this Christmas and that is outstanding and they’re not alone.”

Pengelly has acknowledged the impact of online retail on some of the trading in the local shops. Nonetheless, she has suggested that the town as a whole has the resilience to cope with competition. In particular, the level of start-ups reflects the entrepreneurial culture of the area.

The food sector in Tunbridge Wells has been faring well. Pengelly has noted that artisans and producers in the district contribute to this success. New work spaces should contribute to future prosperity, while the leisure sector has the potential to regenerate the high street. While parking in the area is not free, it seems that the fees are not unreasonable.