Tunbridge Wells gets a VR zone

February 26, 2018 by  

Tunbridge Wells is now one of two Bandai Namco VR zones in Britain.

The recent opening of virtual reality sites in London and Tunbridge Wells has been an innovative move from the Japanese business. The Tokyo VR zone Shinjuku has proved popular with users, so Bandai Namco reasoned that UK spin-offs were a risk worth taking.

Hollywood Bowl is providing the facilities for both the UK ventures. Promotional products from Tunbridge Wells can be used by firms which invest in the region. Kevin Williams, a VR expert, has tested the games provided at one of the British locations. Williams explained:

“These games offer a compelling VR experience if slightly shorter than expected, both, had a “To Be Continued” screen at the end of the game; a possible nod to future updates perhaps? These VR experiences lent heavy on the competitive two-player element as championed by BANDAI NAMCO’s Project i Can initiative.”

Customers at the site within Tunbridge Wells do not get charged on the same scale as their counterparts at the London venue. Players at the Tunbridge Wells location pay the same regardless of the game in which they participate. A single game will set somebody back £4.99, while two games can be obtained for £8.99. A third game will be available for people who are prepared to pay £13.49.