Three-storey French eatery opens in Tunbridge Wells

April 22, 2017 by  

A new French restaurant in Tunbridge Wells has now opened its doors for business.

The restaurant is named Coco Retro and is situated on Vale Road. Leaflets from Tunbridge Wells may be used to promote the new establishment. The proprietors already possess a Spanish bar in the town and are confident about the potential of their new venture.

Maurizio Di Santo, who jointly owns Coco Retro, explained the situation to Kent Live:

“We nearly doubled our budget but it is okay because it is so beautiful. It is exactly how I wanted it. It’s spot on. My brother Ivan and I have been really, really busy.”

The brothers set up Coco Retro because they thought there was a gap in the local market. They have been pleased by the level of bookings that were made prior to the opening. Local suppliers are being used to obtain high quality meat and fish.

A total of 14 employees will work in Coco Retro, which is conveniently located near the train station. The building features a wine room in the basement as well as an upstairs restaurant. Furthermore, it includes a brasserie at street level.

The aesthetics of the place seem to have been considered with care. Customers can wait for their friends in a stylish bar of black marble and brass. Much of the furniture has actually been sourced from France.