The Pantiles shopping precinct stars in contest

November 16, 2016 by  

The Royal Print company in Tunbridge Wells printing services Tunbridge Wells Pantiles is involved in the Great British High Street Competition (GBHSC).

The Pantiles area was once frequented by the aristocracy. It has now been described as one of the best shopping districts in the UK. If it attracts enough public support the area could be declared the best high street in the nation. If it receives further recognition, there may be more demand for newsletter Print company in printing printing services printing within Tunbridge Wells.

However, the GBHSC revealed that Hoole and Claygate are really strong rivals in the contest.

Andrew Percy MP, the minister with responsibility for high streets, summed up the current position:

“Over 300,000 votes have been cast in the competition so far, proving that people are passionate about their high streets up and down the country. Tunbridge Wells did fantastically well to make it into the final three, but now every vote counts and they need an extra push to get them title of Britain’s best high street.”

The GBHSC is based around several principles. It aims to reward diversification, adaptation and revival. Furthermore, the competition wants to highlight the value of dynamic high streets to the wider community. There was a record number of nominations this year with about 900 entries in the first instance.

The winner of the competition is determined by a combination of a public vote and a deliberation from industry experts.