Remarkable exhibition in Tunbridge Wells continues

March 29, 2018 by  

An exhibition which celebrates remarkable individuals within Tunbridge Wells is being held.

The event showcases some of the special people who reside in the town. It will run until the second week of September. The project is based on cooperation between Anne Wagstaff, a writer, and Mark Wilkinson, a photographer. Woods restaurant is the venue for the Remarkable Characters of Tunbridge Wells initiative.

The two artists involved share a passionate interest in people. They both attempt to highlight what motivates individuals to do things. Print shops in Tunbridge Wells can be used to promote events. Wagstaff told KentOnline:

“Behind the quick assumptions we make are real people with real stories and a texture to the town that is rich and multi-layered. If each person who visits the exhibition, or reads the book, takes away the thought that other people’s lives are as complex and vivid as their own, and takes the time to ask questions of others and listen to their replies, we would be delighted.”

Lots of stories and portraits can be viewed at the restaurant. The people in question come from all different generations. Some are volunteers, while others are entrepreneurs or local artists.

A book which is related to the exhibition has been produced. Money flowing from book sales is headed to a regional charity called Fegans, which delivers support to adults and children.