Makeover for bowling complex in Tunbridge Wells

November 27, 2017 by  

The Hollywood Bowl Group (HBG) has spent £500,000 revitalising its Tunbridge Wells centre.

The rejuvenated Hollywood Bowl features 24 lanes and also includes a fresh Hollywood Diner. Flyers from Tunbridge Wells can be used to promote eateries of all types. The chief executive of the HBG, Steve Burns, explained:

“Bowling is changing and as the UK’s number one bowling operator, we’re proud to be leading the way. The transformation of this Bowlplex into a Hollywood Bowl is our tenth major investment this year, and demonstrates our commitment to creating new generation entertainment centres.”

Burns added that the response of consumers to the redesign has been really positive so far. He also underlined the scale of the improvements which have been made.

Customers can now eat hotdogs and gourmet burgers at the centre. They may also visit a bar that has been decorated in line with American taste.

A pioneering suite for virtual reality play has been created in the complex. Visitors can participate in immersive gaming by wearing sensory controls, headphones and goggles. To make this experience possible, the HBG entered into a partnership with a large Japanese firm that specialises in the arcade sector.

A more conventional amusement hub has been established on the site. This area now contains half a dozen pool tables and a selection of other games.