Leaflets designed to help combat metal theft

March 24, 2012 by  

Police officers recently used flyer printing in and around Tunbridge Wells to combat metal thefts that are hitting local churches hard as they struggle to replace stolen lead that is taken from church roofs.

Local police officers distributed 8,000 leaflets in the Kent region in an attempt to curb a spate of metal thefts which largely feature stolen lead from church roofs. These leaflets advise local residents on how to be vigilant about potential metal thieves and what to do if a suspect is identified.

Reverend Steve Lillicrap recently spoke about metal thefts at his church in Teynham, saying:

“Our church buildings are full of history and I feel when the lead is taken that is being taken too. Keep an eye out for untoward activity – people on roofs who look like they’re on official business, but are actually just stripping the lead and walking away with it. I would ask people to keep an eye out to help protect our public buildings.”

As well as using local companies to carry out flyer printing in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, local church newsletters are also highlighting the issue. Police in Kent have responded to this problem by providing free security advice to those in charge of buildings that have been affected by this. Police have also offered free Smartwater, a deterrent to thieves, to churches that have been targeted. It is hoped that the distribution of flyers will support these other initiatives to reduce metal thefts in the area.