Cycle path opens in Tunbridge Wells

May 24, 2018 by  

The residents of Tunbridge Wells should gain from the opening of a cycle path to Tonbridge.

The hope is that commuters and families will appreciate the new cycle route from Tunbridge Wells to Tonbridge. Flyer printing in Tunbridge Wells can be used to promote leisure activities. Kent County Council has built routes for cyclists and pedestrians in recent times. Technology is being deployed to measure the volume of users that make use of the path, regardless of whether they walk or ride.

Following the completion of the work in question, it should now be easier to get from Pembury to Tonbridge. People that use Pembury Hospital could be assisted by the scheme going forward. The MP for Tunbridge Wells, Greg Clark, attended the opening of the route. He was joined by dignitaries such as David Elliot, the current mayor of Southborough. Greg Clark MP stated:

“This new off-road cycle path is a fantastic opportunity for people to cycle to work or for leisure. It’s a great addition to the local cycle network. We campaigned hard to have a cycle path as part of the A21 dualling scheme and also that it should include links at either end to Tonbridge Station and Pembury Hospital.”

Highways England was involved in resourcing the initiative. Backers of the venture believe that it is really important for individuals to have travel alternatives to the car.