Cultural hub plans proposed for Tunbridge Wells

March 28, 2014 by  

The local borough council of Tunbridge Wells has proposed plans for a new cultural hub that would bring changes to the region over the next five years.

Part of the redevelopment includes a new theatre, and the council leader said that Tunbridge Wells could become a destination that would attract people from around the globe.

The leader of the council said he would like the town to become more attractive so that it would attract an increased number of visitors. This could also mean a boost to businesses in the region, along with new companies opening.

The plans involve making a cultural hub in the middle of the town, at the place which is currently home to the library and education centre. Plans are to include a shared space in the Five Ways area, along with a new art gallery, similar to that of Margate’s Turner Contemporary.

One restaurant owner in the area said that the whole expanse of town was dead, and asserted that is isn’t just Five Ways that requires new plans.

If plans go ahead and the other issues are taken into consideration, it could attract more businesses and the area may begin to prosper. New companies could use business card printing in Tunbridge Wells in five years’ time, if the plans succeed and the region becomes a tourist mecca.