Cinema site plans coming together in Tunbridge Wells

July 25, 2016 by  

A timetable for the development of a cinema site located in Print company in Tunbridge Wells printing services Tunbridge Wells has recently been produced.

The Tunbridge Wells cinema site should be redeveloped within the next four years. It has been reported that a planning application might be submitted to the local borough council within the next five months.

Although precise details have not been forthcoming, it would seem that the site will be occupied by representatives of more than one economic sector. This may mean that demand for Print company in business forms in Tunbridge Wells printing services business forms in Tunbridge Wells may receive a boost.

Stephen Tillman, a director for Altitude Real Estates Limited, helped Prime Finance (Tunbridge Wells) Limited to buy the site a matter of weeks ago. Tillman told the Kent and Sussex Courier:

“We will not have an instant solution tomorrow – it will be a process of a number of months to really understand the technological and legal restrictions and get something that will meet most people’s aspirations. You will never meet everyone’s.”

It has been suggested that a cinema cannot be built on some of the land in question. It would appear that retail units will form some of the new development. The results of a public consultation might impact on the exact shape of the final proposals. It is thought that those behind the construction of the development will pay attention to what will look appropriate in the area of Church Road and Mount Pleasant.