Car park within Tunbridge Wells to expand

January 21, 2017 by  

The expansion of the car park at Crescent Road within Tunbridge Wells is likely to get support.

The car park in question is run by the council. It has been revealed that about £3 million is likely to be spent on the project. Flyers from Tunbridge Wells might be employed to keep residents informed about their various transport options going forward. The initiative is intended to have a genuine influence on the centre of the town.

The borough council has the aspiration of regenerating the core of Tunbridge Wells. It has been suggested that visitors and residents all need parking facilities of a high quality. Furthermore, it has been argued that a shortage of parking spaces could undermine the sustainability of the local economy in the long-term.

The logic of the expansion proposals fits well with some of the other policies of the borough council. This is partly because the establishment of a learning and cultural centre is likely to impact significantly on the demand for parking. The potential creation of a civic building may also increase the necessity for the extension of parking provision.

The public should be able to access information relevant to the expansion in the near future. Nevertheless, the borough council could keep some data confidential. This is because sources suggest that a proportion of the details are likely to be commercially sensitive in their nature.