Board game celebrates Royal Tunbridge Wells

March 23, 2017 by  

Tunbridge Wells is to be honoured by a Monopoly game based on the town.

Tunbridge Wells beat off competition from Windsor and Leamington Spa to get its own version of Monopoly. Park Lane, Mayfair and Old Kent Road will have to give way to local landmarks. Consultation with the public will decide which specific places are selected for inclusion on the board. The project could lead to more tourism and promote the sale of postcards in Tunbridge Wells.

Councillor David Neve, the current mayor of the spa town, said:

“Locals will definitely have their views about what landmarks should feature. Perhaps they’ll be on track if they suggest one of the train stations in the town or maybe they will spring into action and suggest the spa water at the Pantiles.”

Councillor Neve admitted that he had been a fan of conventional Monopoly as a boy. The new game will be available at retail outlets during the autumn of this year.

Those making suggestions for what should be included on the board are not obliged to be too serious. This is partly because humorous choices may be used for the Chance playing cards. The Community Chest cards can also feature amusing options. Robert Osborne, a games executive for Winning Moves UK, joked that nearby Tonbridge could be nominated as a replacement for the traditional jail.