Torquay to see more student accommodation

May 22, 2017 by  

A plan to build flats for hundreds of students within central Torquay has been given the green light.

The development involves an investment of over £14 million, and should see around 300 students housed. An education provider and the local authority have come together to support urban regeneration. The policy shall see construction of a car park go ahead. Booklet printers in Torquay might be used to showcase the completed flats.

Richard Haddock, the chairperson at the Town Centres Regeneration Board, stated:

“Businesses, residents and Councillors have asked me to get on with transforming the town centres. That’s exactly what I’m doing – getting on with it. This is a really positive start and there is plenty more to come.”

The idea is that the council will use a loan to facilitate the construction effort. It may then lease the built apartments to the education organisation. The students who opt to live there will have access to a gym, a common area and a dining room.

The benefits of the approach should be various. It has been argued that the proposal will see higher spending in the High Street of Torquay. It has also been suggested that local footfall will be boosted. This could give an extra buzz to the area in the future. In addition, the local authority might obtain a profit. This return on investment could enable other innovative projects to be implemented.