Torquay shelter to be rebuilt by students

January 19, 2017 by  

Construction students at South Devon College (SDC) will rebuild a Torquay landmark after a fire.

The students from SDC will strive to replace a structure of historic significance. The shelter in question had been located at Islham Marine Drive for almost a century. Arsonists made the reconstruction effort necessary back in October 2016. When all the work has been completed, the shelter may be featured on leaflets from Torquay.

Local resident John Couch had clarified the value of the structure last year in remarks that have been reported in the Torquay Herald Express:

“It’s very sad. It was a place where people could sit, and if there was ever a squally shower, it was useful as a shelter. It’s a real pity, it’s quite a landmark in Torquay and it would be a shame not to re-instate it.”

The local authority owned the structure. However, the intervention by SDC was essential. This was because Torbay Council was apparently deterred from replacing the shelter by a shortage of resources. The current vision of those behind the initiative is that the new structure will more or less reflect the design of the original one.

During the 1920s, the site was occupied by Thatcher Pines. This tea hut was erected so that it had a view of Thatcher Rock. The area was opened up through the efforts of unemployed citizens.