Torquay bakery sells unicorn milkshakes

July 28, 2017 by  

A new bakery in Torquay is serving unicorn milkshakes which are made from cupcakes.

Strawberry cupcakes are used in the production of the milkshakes. Sweets, meringue, vanilla yoghurt and strawberry puree are the other major ingredients of the innovative treat. Postcards from Torquay could be used to help promote the bakery.

The Big Bakes outlet was opened by Ryan Bolton and Charlie Deeley just a few months ago. Deeley said:

“We always take part in food festivals and events and initially we only got the bakery so that we could have a bigger kitchen to work in and we thought it would be good for people to see what we do. Ever since we started the business we had always envisioned making our cakes into milkshakes.”

The couple think that the novelty of the unicorn milkshakes has contributed to their success. Business has been brisk since the opening of the bakery. A Big Bake milkshake can be bought for £3.50.

Billionaire flavour milkshakes have also proved to be a hit with the public. All the creations of Big Bakes are featured on a takeaway menu. The enterprise started in a small way seven years ago and progress is now speeding up. Bolton has experience of being a chef, while Deeley has studied business at university. Neither of them regret chasing their dreams on a full-time basis.