Ministry of Cake launches fresh operation in Torquay

March 20, 2017 by  

The Ministry of Cake recently opened a Department of Traybake within Torquay.

The business is based in Taunton. However, the management of the manufacturer of desserts is determined to produce a new range of food with specialist equipment. Printing services in Torquay could be used to showcase these products. Taste testing and other relevant research has already been carried out.

The Ministry of Cake’s John Gregson told the Somerset County Gazette:

“From the research into traybakes currently in the market, I’m confident that we have great tasting, amazing looking collection of products and at price points that our customers will be excited about.”

About £500,000 has been spent on necessary equipment at the Torquay site. The expansion has created 25 jobs and personnel have been recruited from the vicinity of the Ministry of Traybake.

Each of the new products is pre-portioned. This means that consumers will be able to choose between a dozen slices. Some people may prefer to opt for flapjacks, while others may be tempted by shortbread or a cherry bakewell.

The Ministry of Cake takes pride in its sense of humour. For example, the managing director of the firm is often referred to by the title of Prime Minister. The business has attracted widespread media attention. It has even been praised by serving Prime Minister, Theresa May who has admired the quality of its fudge cake.