Swindon named among top places to prosper

April 26, 2018 by  

The prosperity of Swindon is recognised in a report from TotallyMoney.

TotallyMoney is an autonomous credit broker and in a recent report, it rates Swindon as a great town in which to thrive. TotallyMoney puts the town eighth in a list of around 60 urban areas in terms of its capacity to boost personal success.

The town is ranked above economic powerhouses like London, Cambridge, Bristol and Oxford. Promotional products from Swindon can be used by start-ups or larger enterprises.

The results generated by TotallyMoney are based on factors such as the employment rate and the relationship between average pay and inflation. Typical salaries and mortgage repayments have also featured in the analysis. Gloucester and Reading are narrowly outperforming Swindon according to the statistics featured in the report.

TotallyMoney’s Head of Brand & Communications, Joe Gardiner, told the Swindon Advertiser:

“While many are drawn to bigger cities such as London and Birmingham in the hope of earning a decent living, our research shows they may not be the best overall option due to higher-than-average living costs.”

Gardiner is clear that the research has a practical purpose. He wants people to think outside the box when they are thinking of relocating to improve their prospects.

Not everyone will agree with the thrust of the research. This is because TotallyMoney chose to neglect some important aspects of place quality. Local culture and scenery were two factors not taken into account.