Swindon Music Festival makes its return

March 22, 2018 by  

The 109th edition of the Swindon Music Festival has got off to a positive start.

Organ recitals and choral performances kicked off the event this year on Friday 16th March. Awards have been handed out to some of the talent on display in Christ Church, which is located within the Old Town. Poster printing from Swindon can be used to brighten up events of all kinds.

Geoff Walters is the chair of the festival and he told the Swindon Advertiser:

“The Swindon Music Festival, which is firmly established as the event which annually makes the biggest single contribution to the cultural and artistic life of our town, owes its beginnings to a trip to Wales more than 100 years ago by Mr R.G. Cripps, the grandfather of one of our helpers of many years, Jill Austen.”

Cripps was impressed by the culture of the Eisteddfod. Convinced that residents of Swindon would back a similar festival, he worked to turn his dream into reality. He became a member of the local council and later became Swindon’s mayor. Over more than a century, adults and children have derived a lot of pleasure from the event which he created.

This year, Christopher Daly has served in the role of adjudicator. He has presided over contests in Christ Church, but some competitions have been hosted at a venue in Devizes Road. James Kirby has put in some shifts at an arts centre there.