Swindon leisure plan gets the green light

November 26, 2017 by  

Swindon Borough Council has given its backing to an ambitious leisure scheme.

The initiative involves an investment of £270 million and the envisaged development includes a large cinema and ski slopes on the North Star site. Oasis Leisure Centre and its pool shall receive an upgrade as part of the proposed changes. Promotional products from Swindon may be used to attract more customers to new or existing amenities.

SevenCapital is the real estate investment and development firm which is behind the project. The organisation took a grip on things in July after progress had faltered. John Watkins, a director at SevenCapital, explained the scale of the vision:

“It will have the best ski slopes in the country, the largest Imax in the country, the best bowling in the country and a whole heap of restaurants and retail units to go with it.”

The council gave its consent to the outline planning permission in the middle of November. The decision was made on the basis of unanimity. It is now thought that construction on the site will begin during the course of 2018. Garry Perkins, a member of Swindon Borough Council with some responsibility for regeneration, has expressed his enthusiasm for the project.

Various issues have been raised in the debates about the proposed development. However, any of the concerns about the potential environmental impact of the initiative seem to have been put to one side. The question of possible increases in local traffic has also been parked.