Fresh sign for white horses near Swindon

January 21, 2018 by  

A new information sign will be made for the white horse chalk hill figure near Swindon.

Cricklade Area Board and The Royal Woolton and Bassett discovered that local information provision was not up to scratch. Alexa Davies, who has a community engagement role, found that people with disabilities were not having their needs addressed. Hence an investment of £250 is going to be allocated to upgrade the sign. Sign printing from Swindon can be used in sectors like tourism. Davies reported:

“The information will be accessible to a wider range of people due to the audio descriptor and improved legibility with larger text and a better quality sign. The website featured on the interpretation board will provide a map and description of a walking route between the white horses. This will encourage people to get outside and explore the trail.”

The white horse at Broad Town first became visible in 1864. It suffered neglect and became overgrown as the decades past. However, a restoration association was founded during the 1990s and this led to better things for visitors.

Other white horses are dotted around the county of Wiltshire. Marlborough, Hackpen Hill, Devizes and Westbury are notable examples. Westbury was constructed prior to the Napoleonic Wars, while Devizes was created near the end of the last century. The spring shall witness more sign installation.