Counselling firm in Swindon prepares to expand

October 22, 2017 by  

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre on Swindon’s Bath Road is set to expand.

The counselling hub was established in 2013. Marketing services within Swindon can attract more clients to businesses in the sector. Business partners Heather Garbutt and Christine Fishlock took a month to create the centre. Garbutt told the Swindon Advertiser:

“We both have that passion about caring for people.”

About 25 counsellors use the consulting rooms on the site. They help individuals cope with a wide range of experiences, from bereavement to divorce. Sufferers from anxiety and depression can get relief from their symptoms. Around 1,000 appointments are currently scheduled each month.

The building has been standing for a century. However, it has been restored and redecorated. Appropriate furnishings have been introduced and the centre now has a calm atmosphere. The neutral colour scheme has been considered with care.

The business got off the ground when a local charity closed. The business partners seized the opportunity created by the end of the Swindon Counselling Service. A legacy was used to give the pair sufficient resources to make their vision into reality.

The building should be running at full capacity by February 2018. Sessions tend to last for almost an hour and they cost a minimum of £35. Garbutt has expertise in relationship counselling and she is an advocate of American techniques. In particular, she is impressed by the Conscious Uncoupling Coaching process which celebrities have endorsed.